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Marine Corps Traditions

Were was Marine Corps founded? - Tun Tavern in Philadelphia.

When was Marine Corps founded? - 10 Nov l775, with the formation of the Continental Marines.

1) What is the Marine Corps motto? 2) What does it mean? - 1) Semper Fidelis 2) Always Faithful

What are the Marine Corps colors? - Scarlet and Gold

What's the official Marine Corps mascot and his name? -     An English bulldog named Chesty.

Who wrote the "Marines" Hymn? - Its writer is unknown.

What does the Marine Corps emblem consist of and what do they mean? - Eagle, globe and anchor; the eagle represents the nation, the globe represents worldwide service and the anchor represents naval heritage.

Two commonn nicknames associated with Marines are Leathernecks and Devil Dogs. Where did these ruames originate? - "Leatherneck" referred to the stiff leather neckpiece worn by early Marines; it was intended to ensure that marines kept their head erect and may have been worn as protection in hand-to-hand combat. In Worid War I, the Germans called Marines "Teufel Hunden" (which translates to "Devil Dogs") because they fought so fiercely.

What is the nickname of the Marine Corps Band? -       "The President's Own"

What Marines wear a scarlet dress uniform? - Those in the Marine Band and the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps.

What is Mameluke Sword? - It is the sword carried by Marine officers. It represents the sword presented to Lieutenant Presley O'Bannion in 1805 on the shores of Tripoli. This victory by Marines was the first time the American flag was raised over foreign soil.

What is the quatrefoil? - It is the cross-shaped braid on the top of officers' service covers. It is patterned after the cross of rope worn by Marines in boarding parties. It enabled Marine sharpshooters in the rigging of sailing ships to distinguish friend from foe.

What does the red stripe on Officers' and NCO's dress blue trousers honor? - It honors the bloodshed during the Battle of Chapultapec in the Mexican War.

Marine Corps History

Where and when did Marines-fight during world war I? - France, 1916-1918

Where and when did Marines primarily fight during World War II? - Pacific Islands, 1941-1945

What is the most famous Marine Corps battle in:
-World War I? Belleau Wood (pronounced "bellow")
-World War II? Iwo Jima
-Korean War? Chosin Reservoir

When did Marines fight in the Korean war? - 1950-1953

When did Marines fight in the Vietnam War? - 1965-1975

Where and when was the famous flag-raising photograph taken? - On Mount Surabachi, during the Battle of Iwo Jima in Worid War II.

Who are the only two Marines to receive two Medals of Honor? - Maj Gen Smedley Butler and SgtMaj Dan Daly. 

Famous "firsts" in the Marine Corps:

-First commandant - Captain Samuel Nicholas

-First recruiter - Robert Mullin (owner of Tun Tavern)

-First general - Brigadier General Archibald Henderson

-First Medal of Honor recipient - Corporal John Mackie

-First aviator - Lieutenant Alfred Cunningham (AA Cunningham)

-First female Marine - Opha Mae Johnson

-First African-American Marines - Alfred Masters and George Thompson

-First Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps - Sergeant Major William Bestwick

-First Sergeant Major in the Marine Corps - Sergeant Major Archibald Sommers

-First female general - Brigadier General Margaret Brewer

1903 Springfield Drill Rifle Facts

Caliber -                  30.06

Weight -                   8.7 lbs. (8.9 with sling)

Length -                   44.9 inches

Muzzle Velocity -          2800 feet per second

Max Effective Range -      547 yards

Max Range -                2850 yards 

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