First Aid

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 Procedure for Treating a Casualty:

1. Check - Check for responsiveness

2. Call - Call for help

3. Care - Administer care to the casualty

The Four Life Saving Steps:

1. Start the breathing

2. Stop the bleeding

3. Protect the wound

4. Treat for shock

The Five Types of Wounds (C.A.L.I.P.):

- Crush

- Abrasion

- Laceration

- Incision

- Puncture

The Three Types of Bleeding:

- Arterial: Bright red and spurting.

Venous: Dark red and flowing.

Capillary: Brick red and oozing

Five Ways to Stop Bleeding:

- Direct Pressure

Pressure Point

Elevate Wound Above Heart

Pressure Bandage

Tourniquet (Last Resort)

Three Ways to Check if Victim is Breathing:

- Look (Chest rises)

Feel (Feel around mouth and nose)

Listen (Put ear to mouth and listen for breath)

Rescue Breathing Techniques:

- Mouth-To-Nose

- Mouth-To-Mouth

(One breath every 5 seconds and use mouth to nose technique with small breaths for infants and small children) 

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