Chain of Command

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Chain of Command:

President of the United States: President Barack Obama

Vice President of the United States: VP Joseph Biden

Speaker of the House of Representatives: John Boehner

Secretary of State: Honorable John Kerry

Secretary of Defense: Honorable Chuck Hagel

Secretary of the Navy: Honorable Ray Mabus

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: General Martin Dempsey

Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs: Admiral James Winnefeld

Commandant of the Marine Corps: General James Amos

Asst. Commandant of the Marine Corps: General John Paxton

SgtMaj of the Marine Corps: SgtMaj Michael Barrett

Commanding General of TECOM: Major General Thomas Murray

Director Marine Corps JROTC: Dr. William McHenry

Director Marine Corps JROTC Region 1: Mr. Richard Schafer

Principal Gloucester High School: Mr. Erik Anderson

Senior Marine Instructor (SMI): Chief Warrant Officer 3 (Marine Gunner) Richard Muth, Jr.

Marine Instructor: Master Sergeant Carcell DuBose

Cadet Commanding Officer: Cadet 1st Lieutenant Lacey Aiello

Cadet Executive Officer: Cadet 1st Lieutenant Kaleb Church

Rifle Team Captain: Cadet 1st Lieutenant Kenneth Wheeler

Communications/IT/Logistics: Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Quincy Carvino

Company First Sergeant: Cadet 1stSgt Jaqi McCarthy

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